“I went on this journey to do something for the children, I came back with so many dreams that they gave me.” — Yunho

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@SMTOWNGLOBAL Happy Halloween from TVXQ! U-Know and Max!

@SMTOWNGLOBAL Happy Halloween from TVXQ! U-Know and Max!

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Changmin’s game tactics: let Yunho defend him, lie about his bowling experience, and try to be innocent by pretending to not understand the rules (*´・J・`)b

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Yunho playing around with the stylist’s son

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Happy birthday sweetie! I wish you all the best to your 8th… ehm I mean 28th birthday. Hope there’ll always be enough strawberries for you to eat and people to cuddle with and anything other you want in your life. Love you(*^3^)/~☆

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TVXQ Catch Me World Tour in LA 

July 5th at 8:00pm at the Nokia Theatre

Tickets on sale NOW

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